We are the first to unify the B2B enabling solution ecosystem in SEA
The key advantages of our model are speed, sustainability, and the ability to realize cost and revenue synergies across our portfolio. We extend our lead in 3 steps.
We are growing the largest enterprise technology ecosystem in Southeast Asia through acquisitions. By acquiring companies offering B2B enabling technology and digital solutions, our group provides a complete end-to-end solution for both small-to-medium and large enterprises in the region. This allows us to stay at the cutting edge of enterprise technology and leverage the expertise and assets of our subsidiaries, as well as expand our market reach and diversify our offerings.
After an acquisition, we focus on scaling the acquired company to maximize its potential and provide better value to customers. By leveraging the group network, resources, and expertise, we empower these companies to grow even faster and more efficiently. This includes providing support for sales, marketing, operations, technology, and financial management, as well as access to its customer base and business partners.
Our goal is to unify the enterprise digitalization journey end-to-end under one roof in Southeast Asia. To achieve this, the group constantly looks for opportunities to expand its offerings and reach. This includes expanding its geographic footprint, entering new markets, and exploring new areas of enterprise technology, such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and cybersecurity. By expanding its capabilities and market reach, we aim to become the leading enterprise technology ecosystem in the region.
What to expect when working with us

Evaluate What’s Possible

We start with a deep dive into a company's business and its potential. If we can build a relationship and help your company grow exponentially through our synergistic ecosystem, we're all in—offering long-term earnouts in the process.

Key Criteria

  • Established product-market-fit and monetization model
  • Steady growth and profitable
  • Clear localization and/or proprietary IP

Apply Our Proven Process

After the hugs and handshakes, we put your company through a rigorous process that positions it for success. We analyze everything from go-to-market strategy to product development to operations to marketing, making a plan to buff up business growth.

Post-Merger Integration

  • Strategies & Sales
  • Technologies & Operations
  • Finance & Reporting
  • Legal & Compliances

Win & Go Beyond

As a team of experienced business experts, we know how to optimize your business and help your business reach the next level. Our ecosystem allows not only local but also regional cross-pollination between all subsidiaries, maximizing the business revenue and profit margin of the entire group.

Synergizing & Business Expansion

  • Ecosystem Cross-Pollinating
  • Operation Optimization
  • Regional Expansion
Complete ecosystem of B2B enabling technologies.